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Friday, February 20, 2015

fitness friday: do you know where your next great sweat is?

one of the coolest things about being a Sweat Pink Ambassador is being in the know of new fitness news, like a studio opening in SF. even cooler is getting dibs to try it out and inviting friends to work out with me at a discount! Uforia Studios has an awesome studio in Palo Alto and they're bring their enthusiasm for a great sweat to Nob Hill. it's great mix of something for everyone: spin, yoga, cardio, dance...so many ways to get moving and fit.

as i mentioned in a previous post, i'm training for a marathon again and i'm trying to keep pushing myself to try new things. i'm not a coordinated person but i'm forcing myself to branch out and try hip hop classes at Uforia. i'll be the one in the back trying to know look like fish out of water, flailing my arms about and probably tripping over my own feet. it's gonna be great!

i'm also looking forward to getting my ass kicked in spin classes since i haven't been to one in years. with the energetic pump up music they play no one should be able to hear me wheezing my way through class. again, it's gonna be great!

i really can't wait to try all the different classes in a shiny new studio for my cross training. over the years and many attempts of running a marathon i've learned so so very important cross training is. seriously, it's more important than running sometimes. the more cross training i do the better overall fitness i have and the more i can sustain higher mileage training.  whether your fitness goals are for a race PR, lose weight, gt stronger, or look good naked (don't worry, we all secretly want that!) the best way to achieve that is to mix it up and try out different work outs. and now you can experience the best sweat of your life at Uforia SF  AND save 50% off a 10- or 20-class package with the code LOVERUNPINK. if you're still hesitant to commit that much, you can use the code for half off a single drop in class too. win-win either way!

my friends at Fit Approach passed along this do/don'ts list for my first hip hop class:

- Don't wear the loosest clothes you own, you might shake them off!  (got it, no free shows! ;))
- Don't be afraid to push the envelope, wear a hat or bandana o something that makes you feel a little more bad ass (pshhh i'm a bad ass everyday!)
- Don't hide near the back of the class; the best way to learn is when you can see the rockstar instructors in full view. (ok ok, but i blame you guys if i end up not so gracefully smacking my neighbors)
- Do smile while you sweat and don't forget your water bottle! (pretty sure i can just look in the mirror and laugh at myself hip hopping)
- Do harness your inner Beyonce- feel free to wear things that shimmer (would queen bey approve of a tiara?)
-Do wear your most comfortable shoes (decisions decisions- my collection is up to 28 pairs now!)

come laugh with/at me, sweat/spin/dance it out and challenge yourself! and look for upcoming pictures (and maaaaaybe a video) of my (mis)adventures.

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